Portraying 13th Kompanie of IRGD1 in 1942.

Our group portrays the grenadiers of Grossdeutschland Infantry Regiment 1. We aim to deliver an accurate portrayal of life of soldiers of the Grossdeutschland Division fighting upon the Eastern Front. The group is comprised of men from all around the UK and some members in Europe, who meet at various public events, private battles and training weekends throughout the year. Through these appearances, we aim to educate and inform about the conflict and the lives of the soldiers we represent.

Fighting through some of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War, the Grossdeutschland Regiment (then later division) fought almost exclusively upon the Eastern Front from 1941 onwards, acting as a Furher’s Fire Brigade, being used to bung holes or gaps in the line as the Red Army began to pour through usually after the collapse of another unit. They were seen as an elite Panzer Division, which could be called upon to perform nearly any task and always relied upon to hold the line.
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Our members strive to be as professional and accurate as possible, from our uniforms and equipment, right down to our personal wash kits and socks. Most members join the group due to a pre-existing interest in the conflict and or the Wehrmacht and wish to enact and discuss the war with likeminded individuals and get a taste of what the real soldiers went through 80 years ago. Couple with this, the group has a great sense of komradenshaft or comradery between its members which stretches not only within but also outside of the hobby.
GD1 strives to bring history to life and this is a core aim shared by the group and its numerous sister organisations, both in the UK and overseas. If you would like to join GD1 and be a part of our group, we are always looking for motivated new recruits to become Grenadiers within the unit, please follow the link to our recruitment page:

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